Sue Tyson

Job Description: Marketing Co-ordinator
Company Name: The Woodland Group of Pre-Schools

Summary: Since 1978 Quality, affordable, English & Mandarin Pre-school education, Playgroup, Stepping Stones, Pre-school for all nationalities aged 12 mths - 7 yrs.

Live with: Husband, 2 cats, on a boat on Lantau!

Since: 1996

Interesting place: Moorea, island off Tahiti, French Polynesia!

Nationality: London, UK (British)

Favourite Spot: can't decide betweenTahiti & Canada

... and because? Tahiti is balmy, scented and full of gentle people. Canada has a wild, serene beauty, amazing wildlife amongst majestic scenery

Best about HK:
1: living on Lantau
2: dynamicism (people, events, choices)
3: opportunity to try anything & everything

Challenging in HK: humidity!

12 noon Sunday: in a hammock, enjoying the sea breeze or sailing off Lantau

Proudest achievement: Developing a professional individual service within my current career

Tougest challenge: learning how to clear a flooded mask whilst scuba diving in sea & surviving!

Most Interesting: flying in glider (not solo!) whilst at university

Want to do: master Cantonese to chat with the locals!

Finally: The journey towards something is as much a learning curve as the eventual goal attained!