Sara Mailer

Job Description: Director
Company Name: Black Isle Limited

Summary: Our training skills cover all aspects of spoken communication, from presenting for success, to welding a team, to mastering the media, and beyond.
What you say is important. How you say it is vital. The difference, in fact, is btween winning business and losing it. Our aim is to put you on the winning side - with customers, staff, suppliers. It would be a pleasure to share that expertise with you.

Live with: Partner

Since: Born here!

Interesting place: Indonesia (Although I don't remember too much of it as was still quite young)

Nationality: Hong Kong! (Parents both Scottish)

Favourite Spot: Hard one

Best about HK:
1: Variety
2: People
3: Food

Challenging in HK: the never-ending rush

12 noon Sunday: Either lying by the pool, or pottering at home!

Proudest achievement: Representing Hong Kong in equestrian show-jumping

Tougest challenge: not sure!