Nicole Palmer

Job Description: President
Company Name: Nicole Liu Designs

Summary: Womans fashion accessories

Live with: Rick my husband and Erik my son

Since: January 2000

Interesting place: Mauritius

Nationality: Korea and Taiwan

Favourite Spot: Cape Cod .... and because? We have a little summer
house there, and it's peaceful.

Best about HK:
1:Multi cultural
2:Eating out
3:Convenience for traveling

Challenging in HK: Personal space

12 noon Sunday: Cooking and feeding Erik, and getting ready to go for a
hike with my husband.

Proudest achievement: Starting a business and becoming my own boss!

Tougest challenge: Giving birth to Erik

Most Interesting: I learned how to snow ski in Colorado two years ago.
It was the first time I saw so much snow, huge mountains, and felt such
cold temperatures. Now I love skiing and can't wait to get back to
Colorado for a third time.

Want to do: Learn more about boating. My husband enjoys being on the
water and to my surprise I have become interested in learning how to
operate and navigate. I would like to be able to go out in our boat and
be self sufficient.

Finally: My goal in life is to be a wonderful wife, a loving mother, and
a successful business woman.