Natasha Usher

Job Description: Managing Director
Company Name: nude (natasha usher design enterprise)

Summary: Interior Design & Furniture Design specialising in
international retail spaces, commercial and residential. We also provide brand awareness to the retail business sector.

Live with: my husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs

Since: my whole life but educated abroad since 16

Interesting place: Tennessee, USA

Nationality: Hong Kong

Favourite Spot: Prague ....
and because? I was married there

Best about HK:
1: Energy
2: Food
3: Opportunities

Challenging in HK: Obsession of making money and no quality of life without great effort

12 noon Sunday: Hiking at the peak with my husband and dogs

Proudest achievement: Building up my own business 3 years ago and started my furniture collection line Africasia. Undergoing a the design and management of a large Fitness Centre project Pure Fitness last year.

Tougest challenge: Going through my motorcycle license exam in Hong Kong

Most Interesting: Teaching design workshops at night school programs at Island School

Want to do: Travel the world

Finally: Half of doing it is believing you can