Lori Granito

Job Description: Owner
Company Name: Go Gourmet
URL: http://www.go-gourmet.com


Live with: husband, 2 y.o. daughter, Max the dog & 2 cats w/ attitude!

Since: 1991

Interesting place: Paris

Nationality: American

Favourite Spot: New Orleans

.... and because? it's home

Best about HK:
1: It's a great place for entrepreneurs.
2: I have met some of my best friends here.
3: It's a safe place to live

Challenging in HK: Rent, bad manners - How much space do I have to answer this?.......

12 noon Sunday: At home with my family

Proudest achievement: Hands down - My daughter!

Tougest challenge: Picked myself back up after closing two businesses.

Most Interesting: Grow a business from scratch.

Want to do: Take a whole year off to travel.

Finally: Fall down seven times, get up eight.
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!