Jennie Wallace

Job Description: Ceramic Artist & Jewellery Maker
Company Name: Jennie McDermont

Summary: I produce a small range of beaded jewellery using semiprecious stones, ceramic beads and glass beads.

Live with: Husband (Richard), daughter (Islah), very old & decrepit hamster (Louie)

Since: January 2001

Interesting place: I've found everywhere I've lived in Asia very interesting in different ways

Nationality: UK

Favourite Spot: My back garden in Gloscestershire on a july evening

.... and because? It doesn't get dark until after 10. Nothing beats it - a glass (or several) of wine, some friends and the sounds of the country (unfortunately some of the smells too!!).

Best about HK:
1:Being able to work - legally
2:The climate
3:The variety of food

Challenging in HK: The climate

12 noon Sunday: Trying to get a sesible answer from my 5 year old as to what she wants for lunch and where she wants to eat it

Proudest achievement: My daughter

Tougest challenge: Bringing up the above mentioned daughter

Most Interesting: Too many to list

Want to do: Achieve some degree of independence - not an easy thing for a following spouse