Janet Koh Martin

Job Description: Managing Director
Company Name: OTIUM

Summary: It's a ladies fashion retail shop carrying sizes from 10 to 16, boots, bags and accessories.

Live with: my partner, Richard and my 12yrs old daughter plus the family hound, Bella

Since: 1986

Interesting place: Solomon Islands, Guadacanal

Nationality: Singapore

Favourite Spot: Whistler .... and because I learnt to snow board but after a very painful 5days, I managed to do it!

Best about HK:
1:Energy in its place and people
2:Beautiful sceneries and trails for hiking and picnics.
3:Being able to drive out to NT or the other islands, which is a vast contrast to Central, but also good to recharge for the new week ahead.

Challenging in HK: apart from being a single mother, a lover, a qualified masseur and running a retail shop, I will have to say the most challenging thing is holding on to my sanity despite the stress!!!

12 noon Sunday: ..ah..depending on the night before...usually, I will be hiking or sunbathing on a beach, if not I will be recovering from a serious hangover!!

Proudest achievement: Running a deportment and grooming school in Bahrain and Dubai when I lived there in the late 80s and early 90s, seeing my students i.e. from teenagers to expat wives and seeing them transform towards the end of a 4 week course. That always make me very proud to know that I made a difference.

Tougest challenge: When my son was born with a heart defect, who was given a week to 3 months to live, the toughest thing was we had No choice but to wait for him to pass on after a week.

Most Interesting: ..being picked and made up like an Indian lady to be on a fashion show with Miss World, Aishwarya Rai and other Indian models.

Want to do: ..doing more for the needy which I have not find time for....

Finally: An affirmation for everyone...I will put forth a positive outlook on all that I do today. I will share that outlook with all whom I greet today. I will be grateful for all the blessings in my life today, and I will seek to remember how precious each moment of everyday is!