Icy Kwok

Job Description: Real Estate and Relocation Consultant and Writer
Company Name: Routes to Roots
URL: www.routestoroots.com.hk

The Shortest Route to Best Settling in Hong Kong. We are a professional and exclusive real estate and relocation services company, offering complimentary orientation tours and workshops featuring popular residential areas, culture, tradition and quirks of Hong Kong. We speak your language - English/German/French/Mandarin/Cantonese.

Also available is our relocation guidebook; "Routes to Roots - Settling in Hong Kong", available in major English bookstores and from amazon.com - with hundreds of tips on making settling into Hong Kong easier and aiming to answer most questions before the newcomer thinks of them!

Live with: By myself

Since: 1985

Interesting place: Hong Kong

Nationality: Born in Malaysia where I spent my childhood; educated in Canada and spent my teenage life there; started my working career in Hong Kong - disoriented when asked where I am from!

Favourite Spot: Hong Kong Harbour view - which I have from my apartment window

Best about HK:
1. safe anytime, anywhere
2. efficient public transport
3. cosmopolitan

Challenging in HK: How to find time to relax in this hard-working and fast moving city

12 noon Sunday: Having exotic lunch with someone close after sweating out in a workout

Proudest achievement: Publishing in 2003 a Lifestyle-guidebook entitled 'Routes to Roots - Settling in Hong Kong' and the parallel formation of the relocation business 'Routes to Roots'.
I wrote the book and started the business out of passion for my job and for Hong Kong by sharing my knowledge and experience with newcomers from different nationalities

Tougest challenge: Stopped working for two years and simply surviving on my savings while taking stock of life and seeing more of the world

Most Interesting:Learning how to make 58 types of 'dim sum' in 3 months in a Hong Kong cooking school

Want to do: Visit all the 'Seven Wonders' in this world

...and finally...:
Hong Kong so Chic
City of Hills and Sea
Freedom and Energy

Hong Kong so Big
All so Confusing
No longer Amusing

Hong Kong so Alone
No-One we Know
Try 'Routes to Roots', Wow!