Heather Howard

Job Description: Sex Educator, Pleasure Advocate
Company Name: new sensations hk
URL: newsensationshk.com

Summary: Company dedicated to romance and women's sexual
health, providing tools to enhance pleasure and/ or reduce pain (all
types of adult sexual aids), sensual gift collections, pleasure parties, party planning, educational workshops and seminars, private consultation for women and couples.

Live with: My beau, Paul

Since: June, 2003

Interesting place: Hong Kong

Nationality: US

Favourite Spot: New York ....
and because? anything/ anyone goes there.

Best about HK:
1: The diverse, unique and resilient women I consider friends
2: The proximity to the rest of Asia
3: The opportunity to turn any idea into reality (especially for a women who wants to start a business)

Challenging in HK: Setting out in the morning to run an errand or buy
something and returning home late at night empty-handed

12 noon Sunday: thinking about fixin' to wake up and make an elaborate
brunch with Paul

Proudest achievement:
1. Learning to put myself first and completing an album after being knocked on my a** by health problems; 2. Starting my own business

Tougest challenge: leave my personal goals, independence and identity as an individual behind and move to HK to be dependent on a mere [wonderful] boyfriend.

Most Interesting: try anything [or anyone] that has ever interested me...

Want to do: to stick with something long enough to become great at it.