Heather Goessel

"I live by two mottos - Carpe Diem (live for the day) and Amor Fati (love your destiny)".

Having lived in Baghdad during the Iraq/Iran war, Heather Goessel has seen a side of humanity both devastating and fascinating. Her background with various consulates, including the South African, has also given Heather an awareness and insight in to global politics during interesting times.

Job Description: Public Relations Manager for Santa Fe Transport International Ltd.

Santa Fe provides International and domestic movement of personal effects.

Heather, who is originally from the UK has lived in Hong Kong with her husband, 2 cats , 2 birds and tropical fish, since November 1997.
The most interesting place she has lived, is Baghdad, Iraq (during the Iraq/Iran war). She also spent 12 years in the USA.
Her favorite spot is Boracay in the Philippines, because of the beaches and the people.
The best thing for Heather about living in HK is the very international community, the extensive range of activities available and the living standard which she has been able to enjoy.

She finds the most challenging thing about living in HK is getting things done, because she doesn't speak Cantonese. In fact, if there was one thing Heather could do with her life that she hasn't done yet, it would be to learn the languages of the world so that she could communicate with the people she meets in her daily life.

To date, her proudest achievement in life is meeting life's hurdles face on and working through them, while her toughest challenge has been working for the South African Consulate in Los Angeles. The most interesting thing she's ever done is working as Public Relations Manager for Santa Fe.