Anna Simo

Job Description: Relationship Manager
Company Name: ING Financial Planning

Summary: What are your financial goals? Will you achieve them?
Taking the most of your money? Need tax advice? Finacial advisers help you with all these matters. Sometimes we are too busy that we forget about our own finances, or even if we don´t, we can´t find time to shop around for the best solution. ING Financial Planning helps you to find the best option according to your specific needs.

Live with: my lovely boyfriend.

Since: February 2002

Interesting place: definitely, Hong Kong!

Nationality: Spanish

Favourite Spot: Boracay

... and because? Its lovely beaches and it has not been spoiled by massive tourism, looks peaceful and wild

Best about HK:
1:Get to know people from all over the world, you can learn from so many different cultures. 2:There´s always something going on.
3:Nice and easy to travel.

Challenging in HK: I can´t go back home as much as I would love to, takes me too long.

12 noon Sunday:Shek O beach, sitting under an umbrella reading the Cosmopolitan.

Proudest achievement: To keep my smile and faith in myself, when everything seemed to go wrong.

Tougest challenge: Re-building my life in HK, after leaving Spain, my family and my lovely job just for love, and finding myself alone in Hong Kong a few months later.

Most Interesting: I couldn´t believe there were that many georgeous things under water!! Three months ago I had my first snorkeling experience... I loved it!

Want to do: I can´t name just one, there´re are millions of them!!

Finally:"Never regret anything you´ve done, regret what you haven´t done". Listen to your head and live your life to the full.