Andrea Gutwirth

"Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign or your honesty, strength and courage."

Andrea runs a 24 hour hotline for women in need in Hong Kong. Her philiospohy is 'to share my knowledge and help to create awareness, which in turns create growth and empowerment for women who want to regain their life back'.

Andrea also holds regular support groups for all nationalities, including local HK and expat women. Her organisation is known and promoted in the medical community of HK and she also speaks Cantonese.

Name: Andrea Gutwirth
Job Description: Counsellor / Mediator
Company Name : Soultalk
Which is: A caring and supportive 24 hour Hotline for people in relationship crisis involving emotional or physical abuse.
I Live with: On my own as my four precious possessions are in Aussie
Since: I arrived into Hong Kong in 1975
The most interesting place I have lived in is: Still is and always will be Hong Kong
Nationality: Born in England, raised in Canada and Australia
My favourite spot is: My home because it's where ever my heart is at
The best thing about living in HK is: 1: Life
2: Shopping
3: The Climate
The most challenging thing about living in HK is: The need for money
At 12 noon most Sunday's you'll find me: Studying
My proudest achievement in life is: Having four beautiful children
...and my toughest challenge in life has been: Moving on with life after tragedy
The most interesting thing I have ever done is: Sharing with others whatever I have
Finally, if there was one thing I could do with my life that I haven't done yet it would be: Opening my own Counselling/ Mediation Practice to help others
Final Words: "What you resist, persists." Unknown