Amber Boswell

Job Description: Executive Director
Company Name: Canvasia

Business Summary:

Canvasia was founded in 2002 while I was living in Asia and fascinated with its artistic flowering. Captivated by bold new works I
discovered, I sought out the creators and began building relationships with a number of Asia's most gifted artists. I set up
Canvasia to showcase current developments in Asian fine art to Western audiences otherwise cut off from the region's emerging talents.

I Live with: Flatmate - a really good friend from France

Since: March 01'

The most interesting place I have lived: Hong Kong

Nationality: American

Favourite Spot: Palau because it has the best scuba diving in the world.

Best about HK:

1: Night Life

2: Quality of Life - hiking, biking, & sun.

3: Access to other countries in s/e Asia

Challenging in HK:

Your friends are always moving away.

At 12 noon Sunday: Hiking, working or biking assuming I did not have a big one the night before

Proudest achievement: Starting Canvasia.

Tougest challenge: Start my own company.

Most Interesting: Lived in Belize and built a house for a family on Gail's Point.

Want to do: Traveling around the world for at least 2 years.