Dear Women's Forum member

I started with a passion 12 years ago to help every woman in a crisis that did not want to remain in pain, fear, isolation or feeling unloved, overwhelmed and lost at what they should do next. Women facing relationship crisis through separation, divorce, custody or any other kind of crisis, shouldn’t feel alone with no one to turn to for friendship and guidance. Free of charges, and as a new friend with hands on experience and training, I started a 24 hour Hotline. My sole aim was to let these women know that there are answers and choices available. That with awareness, courage, spirit and a guiding caring hand and heart, they too could regain their life back.

SoulTalk started from this passion and became the first English Hotline for women of all nationalities, support group and a website helping as many women as possible. As I am only a one woman band, I have worked very hard and long to see this dream of mine come true. Talking about dreams, this letter is about a dream that has a chance to realize much more then I ever thought imaginable.
This dream has come in the way of a spectacular donation of a 5 bedroom home in the New Territories from a family that has decided that SoulTalk’s mission and vision is one to be recognized and to flourish for the whole Community of Hong Kong. This family heard of my work and wanted to make their contribution to helping women and their children in a time of crisis by giving me their home to open a Loving Home to be used as a retreat and refuge, filling it with love, security and education. This home will be the first English home open to all nationalities.

SoulTalk’s Loving Home is to be free of charges for all women and their children that are going through a crisis and need to have a home they can call home for their time of need. I want to offer counseling and education to help these women through their most difficult times and give them a place where they can share all their thoughts or simply take time out. What better mission in life is there then giving. Here I have a chance to do this and together with your help we have a lot to accomplish and be very proud of.

I have a complete and thorough surveyor’s report which gives very detailed insights as to what needs to be done to transform this amazing foundation of a home into a loving comfortable home. The necessary upgrades need funding for our Loving Home to be complete. I also need a full time Housekeeper and Administrator once the house is ready for occupation. According to the surveyor’s report, plus the staff and furnishings,
HK$1 million is the amount necessary.
I am hopeful that many of the needs of this home will be donated in kind, therefore reducing the needs for actual funding. Furnishings, air conditioners, electricity, and plumbing could be donated in kind. But right now this figure is the one we need to work with for complete restoration.

I would be very delighted to come and give a talk and presentation of this amazing donation that has now moved closer from a dream to actual reality. And with your assistance and generous donation, the Hong Kong Community of women can have an English speaking Loving Home for women of all nationalities that can and will benefit us all. Please open your hearts to helping me do this for all those women and children in need right now and in the future!!

I really want to make this an urgent need and would like to set a time frame of 6 months from now to having the front doors of “SoulTalk’s Loving Home for Women” opened and filled with lots of warmth, love, and care to greet all women and their children.

Thank you very much!

Passionately and enthusiastically yours,

Andrea Gutwirth