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Alphebetically - by surname


Melanie Adamson
Tel: 9661 3234
Email: sunergyhk@yahoo.com.au

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Doris Baer

Tel: 2877 0099
Fax: 2877 6969
Email: baer@baerjewels.com

Tracey Nicole Batty
Country Manager
Kelly Services - Talent at work
Celebrating 60 Years of Success
Tel: +852 2522 1186
Fax: +852 2522 1501
Website: www.kellyservices.com

Kay Bayliss
Marketing & Client Service Manager
Horwath Hong Kong Group

Phone: 2867 0324
Fax: 2810 0502
Email: kay.bayliss@horwathgroup.com.hk
Website: www.horwath.com.hk

Carla Bekker-Smith
Chiropractor, Balance
Tel: 9045 4607
Email: carla@balanceasia.com.hk
Website: www.balanceasia.com.hk

Rachelle Berges
Global Media Director

Tel: 9816 3675
Website: www.motorola.com

Babita Bharwani
Coach & Trainer
Email: coach@soultalk.biz

Carole Bird
Stern School of Business - NYU

Tel: 9243-5561
Email: carolebird@hotmail.com

Vanessa Bird
Holistic Aromatherapist
Heaven Scent Aromatherapy Ltd.

Tel: 2525 7797
Fax: 2104 9588
Website: www.tisserand.com

Kylie Bolton
Email: kylieb@netvigator.com

Amber Boswell
Art Dealer/Art Consultant
Tel: 9152 7881
Email: amber.boswell@canvasia.com

Glenda Bowring
Ballet Teacher
Glenda Allen Dance Academy Limited

Tel: 2987 7370
Fax: 2987 5279
Email: Arthurbowring@compuserve.com

Melanie Bryan
HK registered Clinical Psychologist

hypnosis, individual, couples & family therapy , coaching for change.
Tel: 2575 7707
Fax: 2575 1513
Email: melanieb@netvigator.com

Melissa Burman
Residential Real Estate Agent
Sunbird Property

Tel: 2849 5518
Fax: 2712 5554
Mobile: 94590805
Email: mburman@sunbirdproperty.com

Kavita Butalia
Fashion Design
Tel: 2537 4829
Fax: 2537 4836
Mobile: 60383856
Email: kbutalia@netvigator.com

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Fiona Campbell
Relocations & Real Estate Consultant
Tel: 2525 6125
Fax: 2810 6277
Mobile: 9180 2562
Email: koidl@attglobal.net

Lauren Chan
Simple Things In Life Limited

Email: lauren-chan@s-t-i-l-l.com
Website: www.s-t-i-l-l.com

Anita Charish
Tel: 28037937

Sonia Y F Cheng
Marketing Manager for Sallmanns (Corporate Valuations and Consultancy)
Tel: 852 9371 1864
Email: scheng@sallmans.com

Annice Chiu
Marketing Director
Tel 2956 2868
Fax 2588 3499
Email: achiu@karatehk.com

Jayne Christie
phone: 25592301

Lorna Christofis
Art Consultant
Zimbabwe Stone Sculptures
African Fine Art and Jewellery

Tel: 2719 5369
Fax: 2705 9494
Email: edithdor@netvigator.com

Rebecca Church
Fashion Accessory Designer
President Fan of Asia Ltd

Tel 2147 9480
Fax 2147 9481
Email: foa@netvigator.com
Website: www.FanOfAsia.com

Jane Clarke
Ernest Maude - Investment Broker
Tel: 9747 5082
Email: JaneClark@ernestmaude.com

AnnMarie Coates
Butterfly Card Designs

Tel: 2834 2577
Email: Amic888@netvigator.com

Elissa Cohen
Tel: 2312 0811
Email: lustrous@netvigator.com

Alexandra Cook
Professor Dept of Philosophy
Hong Kong University

Tel: 2817 5633
Fax: 2554 8452
Email: cookga@hku.hk

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Vinita Daryanani
Indian Interior Design
Tel: 2548 3052
Email: Arishapd@netvigator.com

Dr. Hilary Davies
Executive Coach - Life-fulfilment coach, career, business and relationship coaching
Future Perfect

Tel: 2690 0664 or Mobile: 9741 2414
Email: coachilary123@yahoo.com
Website: www.future-perfect.net

Anne Depaulis
Financial Planning
Tel:9874 0432
Email: depaulis@netvigator.com

Olga Dolapsakis
Managing Director, Thalassa Arte
Email: olga@stylethalassa.com
Website: www.stylethalassa.com

Mary-Lou Donnan
Tel: 2849 5632
Email: donjohn@netvigator.com

Wilma Donnelly
Salsa Chino
Salsa Dance Instructor

Mobile: 9075 7471
Email: Salsachino2k@hotmail.com

Alice Duong
Investment Manager
Tel: 2605 1200
Fax: 2845 3267
Mobile: 93841611
Email: aduong@rbeds.com

Jemma Drummond
Events Manager
Tel: 2812 1478
Fax: 2812 1479
Email: jemmadrummond@hotmail.com

Brigitta Dunki
Reiki Master, Body Harmony Consultant
Tel: 2544 3448
Fax: 2575 8466
Mobile: 9028 0669
Email: dunki@pacific.net.hk

Stacey Davies
General Manager
GBS (HK) Ltd
Mobile: 9471 9909
Fax: 2429 6872
Email: staceydavies2000@yahoo.co.uk

Karen Dobbie
Educational Consultant, Teacher, Writer
English Matters
Mobile: 9774 5174

Email: karend@netvigator.com

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Marrion Faerber
Yoga Society of Hong Kong
Email: marionfaeber@hotmail.com

Susan Field
Impact Asia Ltd.
Marketing PR & Design

Email: sfield@impactasia.com
Website: www.impactasia.com

Katherine Forsyth
Jonathan Rostron Solicitors & Notaries

Tel: 9123 6207
Fax: 2549 1104
Website: www.rostron.com.hk

Carolyn Franklin
Tel: 9020 6441

Sarah Fuller
Regional Marketing Manager
Heller Ehrman White & McAuliff

Tel: 2547 4235
Email: sfuller@hewm.com
Website: www.hewm.com

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Heather Goessel
Public Relations Manager
Santa Fe Relocations

Tel: 2574 6204
Mobile: 6052-2058
Email: hgoessel@santafe.com.hk

Website: www.santafe.com.hk
Helen Griffiths
Art Director
Fluid Design and Marketing

Tel: 2721 2787
Fax: 2540 8390
Email: helen@fluidhk.com

Helle Groth
Area Manager
Lagercrantz Asia Co. Ltd.

Tel: 2441 0404
Website: www.lagercrantz.com

Robyn Gurd
Marketing Manager
Mattel - Childrens Toy Brands

Tel: 3185 6540
Fax: 2868 6826
Email: robyn.gurd@mattel.com
Website: www.mattel.com

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Alexandra Harteam, FLMI
Art Director
Graphic Design and Publishing
Han-Lin Printing Services

Tel: 9525-7660
Email: norma@hkstar.com

Lilian Haynes
Email: lilian@northeast.com.hk

Hetty Hennessey
Jewellery Designer
Email: shaliman@netvigator.com

Diane Hill
UK Property & Mortgage Consultant
Expatriate Mortgage Solutions & Property Investments Ltd

Tel: 2251 1587
website: www.expatriatepropertyinvestments.com

Anji Holland
'Stork Express' Baby Gift Baskets
Tel: 2592 9069
Fax: 2592 7501
Email: orders@storkexpress.co.uk
Website: www.storkexpress.co.uk

Gayrard Homma
Professeur de Francais
French culture and language teacher

Tel: 9020 7597
Email: dgayrard@hotmail.com

Philippa Huckle
The Philippa Huckle Group
Investment Adviser

Tel: 25255113
Website: www.philippahuckle.com

Janet Hunt
Professional Will writer
Tel: 2803 0705
Fax: 2803 0720
Mobile: 9740 2737
Email: janet@profwills.com
Website: www.profwills.com

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Theresa Jiang
Customer Service Manager
United Asia Medical Centre

Tel: 6285 6677
Fax: 3105 1227
Email: theresajyjang@hotmail.com

Susan Jennion
Focus Sports and Leisure

phone: 9156 8103
fax: 2615 1497
Email: susanj@focus-hk.com.hk

Hairul Johan
PR Manager
Links Relocations

Tel: 9188 5723
Fax: 2366 6400
Email: hairul.johan@linksrelo.com
Website: www.linksrelocations.com

Kimberly Johnson-Nielsen
Event Management
Tel: 91682627
Email: events@pinkinc.com.hk
Website: www.pinkinc.com.hk

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Eva Karlberg
General manager
Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Tel: 2525 0349
Fax: 2537 1843
Email: Eva_k@pacific.net.hk

Jill Kennedy
Chartered Surveyor

Tel: 2230 9649
Website: www.atkinsglobal.com

a.k.a media limited

Website: www.kinzie.com

Nancy Knipp
Managing Director Asia/Pacific
American Airlines

Tel: 2507 9288
Mobile: 9304 4885
Email: Nancy.knipp@aa.com

Christa Koch-Kessler
Principal of ClassAct
training in 'silver service & fine dining'

Tel: 2525 1031
Mobile: 9367 3459
Fax: 2525 1029
Email: ckk@classact-online.com

Yvonne Koster
High School Teacher
Tel: 23645393

Icy Kwok
Real Estate and Relocation Specialist, Routes to Roots
Address: 2803 Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Road, Central.
Tel: 2840-0199
Fax: 2840-1011
Email: info@routestoroots.com.hk
Website: www.routestoroots.com.hk

Bobbi Kovacevic
STAR Group Ltd

Tel: 2621 9649
Fax: 2621 8635
Email: bobbik@startv.com
Website: www.startv.com

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Amina Lamarre-Delafoulhouse
African Promotion
Yantasha Village Limited

Tel: 2834 6366
Fax: 2834 7701
Website: www.yantashavillage.com

Lisa Laird
Tel: 2834 7980
Fax: 2834 7980
Email: goldguy70@netvigator.com

Jo Lam
Que Jocelyn Co
The Fragrances of Scented Delights Company.
Tel: 2811 8085
Mobile: 9831 9872
Email: scented@netvigator.com

Alison Laurens
Weight Watcher
Email: alisonlaurens@netvigator.com

Kylie Leavitt
V.P.Financial Institutions Group
Regional Product and Service Delivery Manager, Asia
The Bank of Bermuda, Hong Kong

Tel: 2847 2741
Fax: 2847 1334
Mobile: 9123 6462
Email: Kylie.Leavitt@bankofbermuda.com

Velma Lee
Training Marketing
Tel: 2241 5226
Mobile: 9048 6560
Email: Vlee@business.hku.hk

Rosalie Lennard
Guide Coordinator Asia
Going There Relocation Services

Tel: 2517 6442
Mobile: 9107 8926
Email: rlennard@netvigator.com

Website: www.going-there.com

Amy Leung
Tel: 2496 1076
Fax: 2496 1076
Mobile: 9623 0312
E-mail: amy@amyleunglanguage.com
Website: www.amyleunglanguage.com

Sharon Leung
Health and Beauty Consultant
Tel: 2543-3997
Mobile: 9807-7323
Email: info@aabeauty.com.hk

Mandy Li
client servicing officer
Doric capital

phone: 9265-7698

Wei-Hong Li
IS Project Manager
MCI Asia Pacific Ltd.

Tel: 2233 6364
Email: weihong.li@hk.mci.com
Website: www.mci.com

Dr. Lynn Lim
Naturopathic Physician
Body Central Physiotherapy Plus

Tel: 2121 1402
Fax: 2521 3858
Email: info@bodycentralhk.com

Stephanie Liu
Business Training and Trading
Pashmina shawls/scarves

Tel: 2571 8370
Fax: 2571 8375
Mobile: 9280 0682
Email: stephliu@netvigator.com

Jane Leavitt
Weight Watchers
Union Church
Kennedy Road
Mid levels (Tuesday's 6pm)

Email: jlevett@weconnor.com

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Barbera Macho
Assistant General Manager
WingOn - Department Stores

Tel: 2852-1107
Fax: 2536-4735
Email: bjm@wingonet.com

Jennie Wallace
Sallmanns Residential
Tel: 9220-5303
Email: jwallace@sallmanns.com
Website: www.sallmannsres.com

Mina Mahtani
Mishe Collection
Tel: 2868-3169
Fax: 25267311
Email: mahts@netvigator.com

Sara Mailer
Director - Business Development
Black Isle Ltd

Tel: 2525-7266
Fax: 2525-7269
Email: smailer@blackisleconsultants.com
Website: www.blackisleconsultants.com

Alexandra Malandain
SE Asia Manager
Octopustravel.com Ltd
Online hotel reservation

Tel: 2865 4650
Fax: 2294 0100
Email: alexandra.malandain@octopustravel.com
Website: www.octopustravel.com

Jennie McDermont
Ceramic Artist and Jewellery Maker
Email: jenniemcdermont@hotmail.com

Leigh Meyer
Accountant - Corporate Finance
Tel: 2841 8413
Fax: 2845 5654
Mobile: 9195 0738
Email: leighmeyer@hsbc.com.hk

Alexandra Mijatovic
Vice President
Private Clients Group
Lloyds TSB Pacific Limited
Lloyds TSB Bank plc
Hong Kong Branch
Restricted Licence Bank

Phone: (852) 2847 3916
Fax: (852) 2868 4733

Mirella Dicancro Moracchini
Pearl Consultant
phone: 918 40 518
fax: 2813 4449
Email: framivan@netvigator.com

Shyla Motwani
Creative Gift Solutions Ltd
Premium Gifts/Jewellery

Tel: 2572 2122
Email: shylas@netvigator.com

Angela Mowday
General and Life Insurance

Tel: 2882 9088
Fax: 2979 0355
Email: mowday@netvigator.com

Kathryn Myers
Dr. Lucy Lord and Associates
Email: llordmp@netvigator.com

Karin Malmstrom
Malmstrom Associates Orient
Tel: HK 852 9135 5435
Tel: Beijing 86 13601250297
Email: karin@mao-hk.com
Website: www.mao-hk.com


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Beth Nejbo
Tel: 2572 4337
Fax: 2572 4571
Mobile: 9099 7467
Email: beth0122@netvigator.com

Laura Nelson
Marketing Manager, S&SE Asia
Cotton Council International

Tel: 9196 4490
Email: lnelson@cotton.org
Website: www.cottonusa.org

Susan Nishihira
Pashmina shawls, and home textiles
Tel: 9183 1982
Email: slnishi@netvigator.com

Teresa Norton
Strategic Entertainment
Corporate Entertainment and Training

Tel 2541 9990
Email: teresa@teresanorton.com

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Victoria O'Leary
Certified Public Accountant
Partner, Ernst and Young

Tel: 2849 9177
Email: victoria.oleary@hk.eyi.com

Louise O'Loughlin
Public Relations/Charity
American Womens Association

Tel: 2542 7261
Email: louisemichelleeallen@hotmail.com
Website: www.awa.org.hk

Carolyn O'Neill
Carolyn O'Neill Fine Art Photography
Tel: 2812 9200
Email: carolyn@carolynoneill.com
Website: www.carolynoneill.com

Sacha Jane Odd
Aromatherapist/ Beautytherapist Teacher
The Room
Mobile: 6291 2960
Email: sjo@netvigator.com
Website:  www.aromabeautyroom.com

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Heather Payne
Research International

Tel: 9155 8885
Website: www.research-int.com

Kathleen Poon
British Consulate-General
Email: kathleenpoon@fco.gov.uk
Website: tradepartners.gov.uk

Allison Powell
Santa Fe Transport International Ltd
Tel: 2965 5674
Fax: 2834 5380
Email: apowell@sante.com.hk

Dayna Jane Prince
Business Development Manager
Tel: 2526 6131

Tina Purvis
Creator of Life-story Albums
Tel: 2882 4242
Tel: 2882 4242
Email: tina.purvis@reflectionshk.com
Website: www.reflectionshk.com

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Nigar Qureshi
Beautician / aromatherapist /
makeup artist

Tel: 2524 1272

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Jane Record
Lawyer but currently starting entertainment company
Email: janerecord@hotmail.com

Sharmin Reehman
E-Banking Trainer
HSBC Building 11floor
673 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Email: sharminreehman@aia.hsbc.com

Rowena Rees-Poole
Please look under P

Jacqueline Renz
Training Manager
Credit Suisse Private Banking
Tel: 9102 7696
Email: jacqueline.renz@credit-suisse.com

Helen Anne Revans
Teacher & Life Coach
Tel: 2814 8450

Caroline Rhodes
Physiotherapist/Cranio Sacral Therapist
Body Central Physiotherapy Plus

Tel: 2121 1402
Fax: 2521 3858
Email: info@bodycentralhk.com

Sue Rooney
Director of Operations
Scott Woodall Asia Ltd
Training & Development Company

Tel: 2251 8727
Email: sue@scottwoodall.com
Website: www.scottwoodall.com

Kay Ross
Freelance Editor, copywriter and marketing consultant & International Body Harmony Consultant
Tel: 9773 3751
Email: kayross@hkstar.com
Website: www.kayross.com

Eve Roth Lindsay
Image Advisor and Fashion Designer, Savvy Style
Tel: 2719-9674
Fax: 2719-5946
Email: eve@savvy-style.com
Website: www.savvy-style.com

Sally Rylatt
Managing Director
Hygge Limited
Email: sally@hyggecandles.com

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Elisabeth Schardt
Managing Director
Primera (Asia)

Email: schardt@netvigator.com

Brenda Scofield
Decima / Fetish Fashion
Tel: 2858 6105
Fax: 2803 2536
Email: cuties@attglobal.net

Yasmin Shaker
Senior Associate !V
Corporate Interior Design
M Moser Associates

Tel: 2806 1373
Fax: 2806 1403
Email: yasminRS@mmoser.com

Anna Simo
W Relationship Manager
ING Financial Planning

Tel: (852) 9811-6086
Email: annasimoolivet@hotmail.com

Simone Sisterson
Managing Director, Spice Promotions
Tel:  9109 2852
Email: simone@spicepromotions.com.hk
Website: www.spicepromotions.com.hk

Sharon Smith
Artist, Curator, Educator
Involved in International promotion of Visual Art.

Tel: 2623 0360
Fax: 2623 0360
Email: Dabssw@pacific.net.hk

Angela Spaxman
Business and Career Coach
Spaxman Limited.

Tel: 2918 0785
Email: angela@spaxman.com.hk

Sandra Augustin Spence

Tel: 6050 1550
Fax: 2812 1158
Email: saspence@netvigator.com

Christine Staples
Marketing Executive

Tel: 2577 5266
Email: christinestaples@aol.com

Lisa Sturmey
Interior Designer
Lisa Sturmey Design

Email: lisasturmey@hotmail.com

Gursharan Kaur SETHI
VP, International Event Marketing
STAR Group Ltd
Mobile: 9043 8898
Fax: 2621 8448
Email: gushi@startv.com
Website:  www.startv.com

Kimberly Smith
Mobile: 9455 0615
Email: airgo@netvigator.com

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Christina Teo
Evoke Asia
Life Coach

Tel 9867 3192
Email: chris@evokeasia.net

Valerie Terheiden Peloz
Importer/distributor for Caribbean products
phone: 2517 1003

Gayble Tsang
Email: gayble.tsang@clsa.com

Sally Tse
Quality Chinese Medical Centre

Tel: 2881 8267
Moble: 61309223
Email: qcmchk@yahoo.com.hk
Website: www.qcmchk.com/eng/index.htm

Karen Tsui
French Costume Jewellery
Tel: 2987 6957
Fax: 2987 9036
Email: hhtsi@netvigator.com

Vivien Turner
Accredited Psychotherapist
Tel: 2813 1405
Fax: 2521 3365
Email: jeffviv@netvigator.com

Sue N. Tyson
Marketing Co-ordinator
The Woodland Group of Pre-Schools

Tel: 2559 2749
Mob: 6194 0307
Email: jupeter@hknet.com

Sharon Taylor
Weight Watchers
Ladies Recreation Club
every Wednesday 9.30am

Email: staylor@weightwatchers.com.au
Email: sharonandtim2003@yahoo.com.au

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Natasha Usher
Managing Director
nude (natasha usher design enterprise)

Email: nude@netvigator.com
Website: www.nude.com.hk

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Amanda Van Ryn
Manager - IT Recruitment
Elan CountryTECH Selection, a division of Manpower Services (HK) Ltd

Tel: 2504 6348
Fax: 2544 4296
Email: amanda.van.ryn@elancountrytech.com.hk Website: www.elancountrytech.com.hk 

Tonia Van de Vyver
Trade Commissioner for Flanders
Consultate General of Belgium

Tel: 2523 2246
Fax: 2524 7462
Email: vlevhk@asiaonline.net

Robyn Voutier
Chinese International School

Email: rvoutier@hknet.com
Website: www.cis.edu.hk

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Marion Walsh
Communications/Public Relations
InterContinental Grand Stanford HK

phone: 2721 5161
fax: 2315 2276
Email: marion_walsh@interconti.com
Website: www.hongkong.intercontinental.com

Agnes Wan
Co-Director / Investor
Tel: 2868 1630
Fax: 2895 0166
Mobile: 9207 2267
Email: agnes@papnet.net

Pala Wilshaw
Dispensary Manager
Integrated Medicine Institute

Tel: 2523 7121
Email: jonpal@netvigator.com

Lydia Wilson
Blue Light International
Tel: 81 3 3746 2065
Fax: 81 3 3746 2065
Email: bluelight7@bluelight7.com
Website: www.bluelight7.com

Charlotte Woolley
Residential Negotiator
Sallmanns Property

Tel: 2849 7077
Fax: 2849 5987
Email woolleys@netvigator.com

Gina Wong
Principle Consultant
Make the Right Call

Tel: 2941-4110
Fax: 2949-4120
Email: gina.wong@maketherightcall.com

Gloria Wong
e-shop China.com

Tel: 2751 7550
Fax: 2751 7872
Email: Gloria@e-shopchina.com

Karen Wong
International Sales and Marketing
Fantas-Eyes Hong Kong Ltd.,

Tel 2375 5228 or 9056 8082
Fax 2375 5778
Email: karen@fantas-eyeshk.com

Lina Wong
Chief Executive
Operation Smile China Medical Mission
Charity Organisation

Tel: 94834509
Email: lina@opsmile.org.hk

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Alma Au Yeung
Marketing and New Business Development
Toppy co (Hk) Ltd
Episode and Jessica Fashion

Tel: 2943-2137 Fax:2943-2270
Email: almaay@toppy.com.hk

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Laura Zarvou Or
Woman's Wealth Management
Horwath Financial

phone: 6124 6097

Email: laura.zarvou@hfs.com.hk
Website: www.hfs.com.hk